Affiliate Programs Keep F*cking This Up

I know, I know, I kinda said a bad word - don’t tell my seven year old son. 

But many brands install an affiliate platform thinking once they do, people are going to start flocking to sign up and start selling. That’s just NOT how it works!

First off - affiliate platforms are just a tool, and there needs to be a user at the other end to work the tool as they need it. So don’t blame the affiliate platform for low sales.

As my father used to say, “ A poor worker blames his tools”!

Secondly, affiliate recruitment takes some effort, mainly, reaching out via affiliate agencies, email, or social DMs.

But lucky for you, I have a pro tip that will automate recruitment so you can instantly reach out to your best candidates.

Every brand with an affiliate program must do this when they launch your affiliate program.

Create a Post-Checkout Email for All Your Customers

Using your email service provider like Klaviyo or Sendlane, you can create a post-checkout email that will auto send an email to your customers that will invite them to your affiliate program.

Simply create an automation/flow with the list being your new orders, and set it up to send as soon as an order is received.

The content on the email can be as simple as:

“As a valued customer we would love to invite you to our amazing affiliate program where you can earn up to 30% commissions…” and attach your affiliate sign up link on the email.

It's that simple. Not only have you automated your affiliate recruitment process but you are inviting the people that value your brand and your  products the most - your customers.

Heck, you can even add in the recruitment email that you would pay them a $10 bonus if they shared a picture of themselves with their new product on Instagram or TikTok. Just to shoot you a link for proof.

A Few Words

This process is great for brand ambassadors programs and less-so for influencer programs. When it comes to influencers, that requires negotiating terms which demands a longer conversation that can't be had on an email.

But for brands growing their brand ambassador program - I cannot stress how important this step is.

With more ecommerce brands being launched every year faster than ever and marketing costs getting even higher, having an affiliate program is a low cost/high reward must have. And by setting up this easy way to recruit affiliates makes your investment worth every penny.

If you can afford a few hundred dollars or thousands on ads and agencies, then you can certainly spend $20/month on the Jump Affiliate Platform and set up your post-checkout affiliate recruitment email.

Now get back out there and make some more sales!

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