The Costs of Hiring an Influencer

Influencer Cost Per Post

The influencer industry is still relatively new and market prices are consistently shifting. Prices vary based on social platform, genre, content type (video, photo, etc.), following, and engagement rates. And although there is no true calculator to give the exact cost of an influencer, here is a general guideline of what to expect when paying for an influencer. (IMAGE ABOVE)

Commissions on Sales

Many influencers accept a straight fixed cost per post, however many are willing to drop their fixed cost fee if they can get a  commission on sales too. Commissions for influencers usually range on the higher end between 20% to 50%. But this all depends on how you negotiate. Check out this article on how to Negotiate with Influencers.

Agency & Payment Processing Fee

If you hired an influencer from an agency website, than you are likely to pay a premium on the influencer in order to cover the agency management fee. This can range between 2% to 20% but is usually baked into the overall influencer fee. However, due to transactions usually happening over the agency platform, a payment processing fee is usually added as well similar to any over the web payment processor between 1% and 5%.


My prediction on the influencer market is that prices will begin to drop. Following basic economics of supply versus demand, we have a growing supply of influencers every day. Newer generations are participating in social media much younger and are accumulating larger followings much faster. Not to mention population growth and the internet beginning to be accessible in almost the entire world - thanks to Starlink and similar technologies. Now we just wait and see.

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